New Artist | Winnie Raeder

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Winnie Raeder is an artist who is new on the live music circuit. With no songs released to her name yet, she has still begun to accumulate a healthy live audience at her shows.


This week, she performed at Gabrielle Aplin’s curated night, Never Fade Sessions, at The 150 cap room The Social, and packed the candle-lit room out to the back. Though she wasn’t visible to the crowd at the back, the impact of her music was still felt throughout the venue as her songwriting is so poetic, and her voice is so powerful, which makes for an effective combination.


She currently performs just her and an acoustic guitar, but it’s clear that her songs are dynamic enough to lend themselves to a full band sound to make for a vibrant live set. Her songwriting works in any setting though, as the  


Winnie is also due to perform at the Communion night at Notting Hill Arts Club at the start of 2019 – make sure to get on the Winnie vibe early on!

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