NEW SINGLE: Kawala | Moonlight

Kawala release their new single ‘Moonlight’ this week with Mahogany, giving us a preview of their upcoming sophomore EP. A brand new one even for fans who have followed their vibrant, epic live career so far, ‘Moonlight’ still sees their signature rhythmic and poetic lyrics that characterise Kawala.


Though a sonically romantic song, ‘Moonlight’ in fact explores an individual’s journey with their own mind, lyrics (‘but I’m much better now…I’m hoping to find what’s on the other side’) coming out of the bright end of a bad situation. The group present the much talked about issue of mental health, but conversely, present the positive side of it, for when you recover. This is one of the band’s more personal songs released so far, and though a heavy topic, the group never fail to bring a feel good factor and leave a smile on your face.


The core of Kawala is duo Jim Higson’s lead vocals, and Daniel McCarthy with vocals and lead guitar. The friendship the pair share is apparent even in their recordings, with the addition of their band behind them to make them the ultimate live band.

Check out their new single Moonlight here and be sure to keep an eye and ear out for their next EP!

Vidisha JainLondon1Comment