REVIEW: Dermot Kennedy | Headline Tour - Electric Brixton


Dermot Kennedy embarks on his biggest UK headline tour to date with two consecutive sold out nights at London’s Electric Brixton – and that without even an album to his name.


Kennedy is a Dublin born and raised artist yet his music does not take after Irish influences, but is rather reminiscent of the American folk and jazz. Citing the likes of Ray LaMontagne as his greatest musical influences, Dermot delivers melody focused songs centred around his acoustic guitar and vocals.


He opened the night on tune from his debut EP Doves & Ravens ‘All My Friends,’ which was a personal favourite of the night as it set the tone for the night as a positive, community driven vibe, (“To all my friends // You'll find your way // Some summer night I hope I see you again”). Dermot’s entire set was largely quite feel-good music, touching on positive themes throughout which really uplifts his fans. He continued on to perform a collection of what was mostly unreleased songs, including brand new song released the day before the gig ‘Power Over Me.’  Some had him on the acoustic guitar too but many were just Dermot singing with a band behind him.


Remembering the first London show to 40 people at Servant’s Jazz Quarter, to Hoxton Bar, to this show of almost 2000, Dermot was left with a charming humility and gratefulness to his ever-dedicated London audience.  


He has made such an impact on the music community that you don’t even realise he hasn’t released an album. But he has developed a loyal fan base from his numerate performances over the years and has become one of the biggest artists anyway – a true testimony to the quality of his artistry.


Jack Vallier opened the night, and was perfectly matched to the audience of folk-rock lovers. Rarely does a support act catch the attention of the audience who are eagerly awaiting their idol on stage, yet Jack definitely gained a few fans that night as they engaged with his music.


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