NEW SINGLE: FOURS | 'Even In My Dreams'

Photo: Big Indie Records

Photo: Big Indie Records


“A song about Fuckboys” is how FOURS aptly introduce the release of their new single ‘Even In My Dreams.’


Starting 2018 with a bang with a support tour with To Kill A King and a headline show, the group took a slight hiatus as they developed some new music. But the new single has certainly proved worth the wait as the group returned more refined and musically confident than before.


‘Even In My Dream’ is a quick, snappy song less than three minutes long, but the sharpness of it is reflective of the candidness the song conveys. The mantra repeated ‘They warned me about you,’ is tell-all about the relatable message of the song. Lead singer Edith Violet always provides a vibrant, bright top-line vocal. Her graphic lyrics create a sense of sensuality (‘as I let your hips hold down my thighs’….’as your sweat drips down my spine, as I let you take what’s mine,’) but this blunt visual element of the song only make reality the pain transmitted in the emotional lyrics of the chorus.


Impassioned as their frank lyrics tend to be, FOURS’ vibrant spark means you always want to dance, with a feel good factor that has characterised their sound from the start of their career. The band create the sort of songs that you just want to listen to on repeat. Whether you’re all about the lyrics and message or just about the melodies, there’s something for everyone with FOURS.


A song about fuckboys indeed it is, and it being a refreshing topic that plagues many yet isnot spoken about much in music makes the song en route to become a powerful anthem!


The song was realised by Big Indie records as a special single release in collaboration with DIY Magazine, launched with a performance at Tileyard Studios which sold out. It’s like they never left.  


Listen to the future hit here:

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