Mahalia + Jvck James | Electric Brixton

Photo: Instagram @mahalia

Photo: Instagram @mahalia

Gig season begins with Mahalia’s biggest headline to date at Electric Brixton.


Clad on stage in an angelic white, as people stood on their toes top to bottom of the venue itching to catch a glimpse of her in the crowded venue. There was no doubt it was a sold out night as she delivered a remarkable show.


She opened the night with her tune ‘No Pressure,’ introducing the audience to her casual, easy going performance style yet not compromising slick quality of voice. Her biggest hits, ‘I Wish I Missed My Ex,’ and ‘Sober,’ both of which have already racked up millions of streams, were the most vibrant moments of the nights, as all audience members, even those who may only know her radio hits, were vibing.


Production is a key element of Mahalia’s sonic identity, playing many of the beats herself on a number of songs. But her unique draw is her infusion of songwriter elements, breaking down the barriers of genre segmentation. Mahalia has created her own brand of R&B, featuring a huge emphasis on poetic lyrics, incorporating pop through spoken word and melodies through live instruments. She creates a widespread appeal, being able to connect with listeners of all tastes, making for a diverse audience.


Jvck James opened the night, setting the tone for the songwriter-hip hop hybrid the night, performing with just an acoustic guitar on stage to accompany him. On record however, he is another artist who is all about the productions and beats to augment the emotion behind his lyrics.


It was certainly exciting to witness Mahalia and Jvck at the start of their (what I’m sure are) very long journeys ahead.



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