EP REVIEW: The Standard Affiliates 'Standard'

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The Standard Affiliates may appear to be your standard Southern Californian indie band, but their EP ‘Standard’ released just last month is anything but… standard!


Lyrically, these guys really caught my attention. Smooth, seemless rhymes and emotive words comprise each song, particularly in their most popular hit ‘Is It News To You.’ These are songs I can easily envisage a large fan base singing along to these songs one day.


Describing their aim with their music to “connect with you but also brighten your day,” The Standard Affiliates certainly successfully fulfil their goal. A self produced album, the guys are able to create really bright, upbeat guitar riffs but without falling in to a “Californian pop” box, yet stick closer to the alternative rock sound that they aim to convey. The songs are head to toe in funky guitar riffs, making you simultaneously dance and think.


Check out their EP ‘Standard’ here: