New Artist of the Week: Billy Otto


If you’ve never known a Newcastle- Sydney, well, now you do. Billy Otto’s new single ‘Ghosts,’ released just last week, is as mysterious as the name itself sounds.


There are many bands in the emerging scene today trying to emulate the classic ‘psychedelic rock’ and just missing the mark, but Otto perfectly captures the combination of emotions and instrumentations that makes this genre what it is, but adding a contemporary edge to it making him competitive in today’s music scene.


Otto’s vocals are special, as he has one of the largest vocal ranges of most male artists out there today, singing each verse in falsetto and coming back to mid range in the chorus, yet blending these two together seamlessly, and the layering of his own vocals adding a wonderland space to the song.


Otto also manipulates electronic resources to add an emphasis on the live instrumentation and guitar riffs, which is an incredibly innovative way to use modern technology to create an “old school” rock affect.


Check out Billy Otto’s ‘Ghosts’ here: