REVIEW: The Districts, Petit Bain


The Districts returned to Europe from their hometown of Pennsylvania for a mega-tour, promoting their new album ‘Popular Manipulations,’ and we caught them at Paris’ Petit-Bain – the venue on a boat.


They of course also performed the lead single from their album, ‘Ordinary Day,’ which encompasses the rawness and fragility that youth sometimes brings, the struggles of love, his grungy vocals giving the song that slightly darker perspective, accompanied with a grand sound from the band.


The instrumentation of the band is also outstanding, their life-time friendship clear through the co-ordination and the chemistry that pieces the music together so neatly, as well as the shared emotion that comes through each one. Grand hooks were the core of a lot of their new material.


It’s great to see a US band have such a big influence in Europe, and the number of clearly loyal fans in the audience singing along to their songs shows the power of unity music can bring all over the world.