Featured Artist: Island Apollo


If you’re looking for some melodic, Californian vibes this summer, look no farther than Island Apollo. The band brilliantly fuse the classic instrumentation of rock, with the upbeat cheerfulness pop demands, and the 2017 obsession with electronic pop subtly added on top.


‘Feeling You’ is the band’s latest single, and one of my favourites of theirs due to the vocal role in this. Layered in harmonies start to finish, this creates a brand new vocal texture that hasn’t been experimented with recently with pop-rock bands.


The ambient guitar riffs throughout the song give it that edgy rock vibe that puts the band in that “cool” category, musically far and above many artists they’d be competing with on the scene right now, and a rawness in the production of the song.


Prior to this, Hold It Down was their other release, the song keeping consistent with the unique vocal harmonies and special guitar riffs the band harness so well.


It’s clear Island Apollo aren’t trying to be anyone else but themselves, which is what makes them so interesting. It’s definitely not something you’ve heard before.


Check out their new song ‘Feeling You’ here: