SINGLE REVIEW: East of Eli 'Child's Play'


A song written for his son, with backing vocals from his wide, East of Eli’s ‘Child’s Play’ is a special song, focusing on passing on his experiences to those who look up to him – be it his son or his fans.


An unfiltered look at the positives and negatives of growing up, East of Eli provides raw lyrics and music bringing out his inner conflicts, passion and worries, but is still an upbeat tune you can just jam along to if you don’t feel like heavy listening, with its guitar riffs and funky beats.


The production is also a huge part of making this song and these feelings come to life, and his vocals providing a bold, rock-type style.


The repetitive lyrics ‘Does She Love Me’ are really prominent, and the conversation between him and his wife’s featured vocals really give us an insight in to his real life, a song never feeling so personal.


And on top it all, it’s just a great song. Check it out here!: