EP REVIEW: Beachwood Coyotes 'Scrubby'

Beachwood Coyotes are ones to watch. With a fast growing fan base for this four piece indie rock band from LA, Beachwood Coyotes just released their latest EP ‘Scrubby’ this month.


The four tracks in the EP only leave you wanting more, but are enough to confirm that the band’s sound is solid and exciting.


Lead single ‘I’m Tired of Rolling My Eyes’ resembles the classic rock music that probably influenced the band in the first place, filled with heavy guitar riffs, steady but catchy rhythms, and a vast vocal range.  It’s fuelled with sincere emotion, reckless yet melodic, with a rather victorious kind of feel to it, making the song ironically peaceful.  


First track on the EP ‘Face to Face’ has a very melodic, smooth chilled vibe, where the bass drum provides a rhythm you can’t avoid, and final track ‘Desire To Grow,’ has a larger reference to pop music. The use of layered vocals and harmonies adds to the hat of tricks the band has.


I can definitely see myself singing along to these lyrics in a big venue one day with thousands of fans by my side doing the same thing to these anthems that Beachwood Coyotes have created in “Scrubby,” and not recently have I enjoyed an EP from an independent band so much as this one.


Check out ‘I’m Tired of Rolling My Eyes’ here: