EP REVIEW: Milo Gore 'Watch The Tide'

Screen Shot 2017-08-21 at 14.46.35.png

Folk musician Milo Gore released his debut EP ‘Watch The Tide’ last month – a collection of six tracks showcasing his best songwriting with the help of his bandmates to create a full, rich sound.


‘In My Nature’ is the lead single, and definitely falls in the box of “beautiful” melodies, with harmonies from FARE. The prominent male vocal against the lead female vocal in this song really adds a whole new perspective to the song. Where most the songs on the EP are about the songwriting and performance, a huge part of ‘In My Nature’ is also the production, the song starting and ending with mysterious, ambient, abstract sounds, to lead in to a reverberated vocal and guitar tune.


“Bonus Track” ‘Waves’ is another interesting one, with Milo’s vocals disguised under FX and ambient backing vocals to resemble space and mystery. Tracks such as ‘Ignite’ and ‘Coco’ are a more typical live instrument band and vocal performance, also admirable for an effective simplicity.


The vast diversity of techniques used between the six songs showcases Milo and band’s strong musicianship and performance and production talent too. Check out the EP here: