Featured Artist: thanks.

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Within the first second of “Your World,” band thanks. capture your ears with it’s innovative, curious opening. Despite the sassy band name, the music has a quirky hypnotic pop vibe which identifies the band’s sound, with the added bonus of layered harmonies giving the classic pop – band sound to it, but never compromising their funky rhythms that make you want to play them on repeat.  


Their newest song ‘Loose Gun’ was released just a few days ago. This song really showcases the band’s all-American influences, echoing sounds of pop-punk bands that are a huge favourite in the country, but they add their own classy element of rock on top of it and even a touch of electronic.  The vocals have an interesting texture, with layers giving the sound of multiple voices and an interesting sound to the ear.  


Check out the band’s song “Your World” here: