EP REVIEW: Moxi 'Figures Bathed In Light'


Moxi are a duo, the core of the band being vocals and keys, but their recorded music is blooming with creative electronic production, but the theme of the supernatural and the spiritual is what makes this duo’s music so interesting to listen to, the lyrics being an important factor in their identity.


Title track and new single from EP ‘Figures Bathed in Light’ sounds just as heavenly and dreamlandish as it sounds, with a really spacey, ambient vibe to the song, adding the aspect of supernatural immortality the band deems to convey, but the electronic production puts them in the contemporary bracket.


The following songs on the six-track EP follow a similar, the titles ‘Sovereign Deadly Perfect,’ ‘Sky Is Fire,’ and ‘The Sea,’ themselves giving an idea of the spiritual idea the duo explore in their music.


‘Wait For You Here’ is a particularly bright song, the production really standing out here and Anna’s voice almost blending in to the instrumental itself.


Check out the new single Figures Bathed in Light here: