If you’re looking for the next feel good pop chorus, check out the new album EGO, a collection of songs by songwriter-producer RAC, aka Anjos, where a range of trendy artists from Weezer to St Lucia contribute vocals on the various songs that RAC made.


But despite the numerous collaborations, ‘Ego’ is an album 100% focused around Rac’s own visions and ideas, stating he took this work as “an exploration of the self… I felt free to do whatever.”


Pop DJ’s aren’t really a common trend, so RAC is definitely one of a kind in his field, which makes his music all the more interesting. Recent track and video “I Still Wanna Know,” featuring vocals from Rivers Cuomo, released just this summer, is a song which fully demonstrates the live-electronic blend that RAC has so perfectly mastered, including even a rocky guitar riff in the middle.


He doesn’t let himself fit in to the typical electronic DJ producer box, and this individuality is admirable, and ability to express himself through others’ vocals is commendable both for him and his guests.


So if you want to see a whole new perspective on pop music, check this one out below...