REVIEW: Zuli 'Kubadiver'

NYC just produced yet another mysterious, experimental musician who produces music that’s unapologetically unique, with Zuli.


Zuli is an artist known for his daring compositions, merging genres to create his own distinct sound, and his new song, the first one in a couple of years, ‘Kubadiver’ shows he hasn’t lost this creative edge he’s always shown.


Kubadiver strays away from electronic production, and is a song that lets you focus purely on live performance, made of drums, guitars, and those normal “band” instruments you'd find in a psychedelic rock band, though played with innovation. A rhythm that keeps you on your toes constantly, as you never know what riff, drum fill, or vocal trick is suddenly going to come in, this song is all about the excitement.


It’s definitely an interesting song, and I’ve rarely seen just live instruments achieve such a creative composition. Even the title itself, ‘Kubadiver’ just screamed creativity.


And of course, Zuli’s voice can’t be ignored. A soothing, deep voice which just fits with the instruments, Zuli actually shows us a new side to his voice than what’s been previously revealed, showing us he can take the deep, mysterious voice too.


Check out his new song here and he sure to see him live when he comes around!: