Baio - 'Man of the World' | Los Angeles


Baio presented his solo material to Los Angeles in Levitt Pavilion’s summer series, performing an interesting electro-acoustic compilation of his songs. His set comprised of songs all the way from the start of his post Vampire Weekend solo career to his latest album release with Glassnote Records, ‘Man Of The World.’


Title track of his new album ‘Man Of The World’ was one where I could clearly see Baio’s enjoyment, with the most quirky, “zero-fucks-given” movements. I was particularly impressed with his multi-instrumentalist skills, showcasing us sounds on the keys, synths, and guitar, and the funk he brings to each of these.


His stage performance definitely adds to the whole set, with interesting dance moves coordinated with the fellow musician on stage, both on polar opposite sides of the stage yet never lacking coordination or chemistry.  


Baio performed songs from the start of his solo career, for the long term fans, including his very first hit ‘Sunburn Modern,’ a largely instrumental song which shows off his instrumental and production skills, and also performed cover of ‘White Town, Young Women.


It’s always a pleasure to see an established band member be able to hold their own sound on their own solo path, and Baio has done exactly this in style!