New Artist of the Week | Nick Hakim

Nick Hakim releases his debut album ‘Green Twins,’ and out of nowhere blew up on the scene as an artist everyone just has to watch.


Opening track ‘Green Twins’ introduces perfectly the eerie, mysterious soul-electronic-rock hybrid that Hakim has so innovatively invented. A long introduction filled with a funky, uneven rhythm, this leads to an incredibly processed vocal, giving the listener no choice but to give the song full attention.


Hakim puts a huge focus on the production, and his voice just being another instrument, keeping lyrics to the bare minimum. This style of composition is rare and requires a lot of talent to be able to pull off. ‘Farmissplease’ is another example of this, where the production on his voice, which are mainly sound effects of waling here, gives a whole new perspective by layering on top of the guitar riffs.


Songs like ‘Miss Chew’ give us an opportunity to connect more with his lyrics, yet not losing the unique instrumentation with brass behind him, so it’s highly commendable that he is such a brilliant performer and producer.


Check out title track Green Twins here, and make sure to download the whole album!