EP REVIEW: Jade Bird 'Something American'


New to Glassnote Records, Jade Bird released her much anticipated debut EP ‘Something American.’


The collection of five songs epicly showcase Jade’s vocals. From the first line of opening track, title track ‘Something American,’ her voice will make you stop in your tracks and just takes over all your other thoughts.


There’s such a rawness in the EP, and there’s no doubt these songs are in their purest form, with no eccentric production taking over the composition, but the old-school style with live instruments to accompany Jade’s voice carrying the song start to finish, with soothing yet bold melodies.


The album has a strong folk element to it, which is a rare sound to come from a London musician (the EP certainly is ‘something American.’) Her personality shines through here, letting us know Jade is an adventurous, free-spirited, and strong willed soul, perfectly mirrored in her lyrics and music.


‘Grinnin’ In Your Face’ and ‘What Am I Here For,’ are in fact just an acoustic guitar and Jade, letting us really focus on the beauty of her lyrics, which are as romantic as poetry.


The traditional approach Jade has taken in this EP in her songwriting has really done her well, leaving us with no doubt, Jade Bird is here to stay, and with a lot more inside her to come.


Check her EP out here!: