ALBUM REVIEW: Rare Monk 'A Future'

To LA via Portland Oregon, Rare Monk took over Silverlake Lounge with their musical, ambient experimental indie rock, showing us music from their brand new album released just days prior ‘A Future.’


‘Happy Haunting’ opens the album with a bright, cheerful yet mysterious sound. The lyrics ‘If you die before me, I hope you haunt me forever,’ are curiously romantic. The heavy instrumentation makes the voice just another instrument, an advanced skill only few bands master, where the guitars and production are more than an accompaniment but the large bulk of the song.


All ten songs on the album continue this same style, guitar solos being prominent in nearly all the songs. ‘Devil’ Trill’ stands out, as it has a special emphasis on the drums and bass guitar to carry the instruments.


‘Fissile Humans’ has a particularly “experimental” vibe on it, with an uncomfortable rhythm and guitar riffs perfectly reflecting the meaning of the song, and the vocals rich and deep, full of emotion.


Check out their new album here!: