BalconyTV: Molly Kate Kestner

Photo Copyright Concentus Music

Photo Copyright Concentus Music

BalconyTV and Live Nation partner up to bring a number of live sessions from new artists on the scene right now, which is where we discovered Molly Kate Kestner.


Molly Kate Kestner performed her new song ‘I Don’t Know’ for BalconyTV, released just last month on her new deal with Atlantic Records. Molly’s voice is one of the strongest ones I’ve heard an acoustic ‘singer songwriter’ produce. The song is stripped back with just a simple guitar accompanying her, letting the audience focus on her voice and lyrics.


Of course her repertoire expands far beyond this song. ‘Good Die Young’ is another huge one for her. Her debut track released at the end of last year, this one has rockier sound with the band behind her. With this, Molly demonstrates that her voice is capable of incorporating all kinds of genres.


The fact we can see Molly’s journey so clearly online as well is another endearing factor to her personality, the fans being fully in the loop as to where she’s come from and what she’s about, her iPhone recorded ‘His Daughter’ that started her off still viewable online.


She’s just at the start of her career but already so far, and we can’t wait to see what else she does farther down the line! Also check out other BalconyTV sessions to keep up to date with the hottest new music!