SINGLE REVIEW: Hannah Scott - 'Weight of Your Words'


If you came down to our January live night, you’d have seen Hannah Scott’s crystal clear voice perform her new single ‘Weight of Your Words,’ which has finally been released!


The single fits well in to the acoustic folk genre she dubs herself, however the song is a level up from her past tunes. Whilst her tracks ‘Hurricanes’ and ‘The Space in Between’ are highly praise-worthy songs, ‘Weight of Your Words’ has a highly creative composition and special melodic top line that doesn’t resemble any other song in the singer-songwriter scene.


I believe there was a huge amount of risk-taking Hannah took in composing this. Aside from the major key of the song being a rarity for her, whilst she does have an acoustic version of the song also released, the use of electronic instruments in the main single in place of her usual guitar is an unexpected surprise, and successfully carried out. The special part about her electronic composition is that she hasn’t made it an ‘electronic pop’ song, yet her signature vocal texture is consistent and she has overall kept her sound true to herself.


We’ve been following Hannah for almost a year now and it’s great to see more and more of her music and her steady growth in her performances and compositions! Check out ‘Weight of Your Words’ here: