Camden Rocks 2017 - Highlights!

Camden Rocks Festival returned in 2017, where every venue, bar, café and corner street in Camden for 2 miles, from Mornington Crescent to Chalk Farm, (that makes sense if you know your London tube map), is turned into a spot to showcase new music, largely in the form of bands and guitar music. With 200+ bands performing in just the one day, highlights of the festival for us were Courage My Love, Flight Brigade, and Inklings.


Courage My Love came to The Monarch with their soft rock, the street outside the Monarch fillng up as passers-by were drawn in by lead singer Mercedes’ resonant vocals the window. A trio in which all three members contribute vocals, impressively including the drummer, Courage My Love’s talent wasn’t doubted, and we’re so glad they stopped by Camden Rocks midst their UK tour!


Flight Brigade (pictured at the top) are a highly innovative rock band, with the inclusion of the electric violin drawing me in from the start, creating a very huge anthem vibe with their variety of instruments. A number of musicians onstage on this smaller riverside section of the huge Dingwalls, this combination of classical music influences and modern day rock make for a very interesting sound, and you can pin point the sound of band Flight Brigade from a mile away!


Inklings performed at The Camden Assembly, and they were definitely my favourite band of the day. A feel-good rock band, Inklings had some huge tunes and creative composition. Whilst a typical rock band with heavy guitar riffs and solos, they also had the occasional unexpected use of the vo-coda, something I can definitely say no other band who I saw that day had, and I’m sure not many rock bands do! The vocal texture of lead singer was special, and his ability to involve the whole crowd – that too, a crowd that had largely not heard of them but came to discover new music – is always a challenge for an emerging band, but they really pulled it off, with the pakced room by the end of their set really joining in.


Though Camden Rocks itself is only once a year, Camden is always vibing with great music, and is definitely our favourite place in London! Make sure you don’t miss this one next year…