REVIEW: Marika Hackman 'I'm Not Your Man'

Marika Hackman released her new album ‘I’m Not Your Man’ this week, with a sold out show at Heaven and a Rough Trade In Store showcase the following day, and we caught her at the latter.


She of course performed highly anticipated song ‘Boyfriend,’ her most well-known hit from the new album, released months earlier. This song has a highly ambient, haunting sound to it, with uncomfortable guitar slides and backing vocals also being a key part to the powerful sound, each member of the band being a vital contribution to the final product. The lyrics here are also one of the most confident from Hackman.


My favourite song from Hackman’s new album is ‘Time’s Been Reckless,’ a song with really funky chorus spinning the cheerleader style chant ‘1,2,3,4 Tell her that you love her more, 5,6,7,8 No more time, don’t be late.’ This song really highlighted the groove she and the band bring to the otherwise pretty laid back rock.


The guitars are special with Hackman’s music. Her music is comprised of original riffs which makes her music easily identifiable. Her new album is much bolder than her debut a couple of years ago, with stronger themes, personality and musicianship shining through, making for an overall appealing performance.


Her influences of new rock bands clearly shine through, with close association with acts such as The Big Moon and Wolf Alice, yet Hackman doesn’t fail to keep her originality and own personality through out too.

Check out Boyfriend here: