Gabrielle Aplin | Glastonbury 2017

Gabrielle Aplin opened the Other Stage on the final day of the festival. Growing up just a few minutes down from the festival, this was obviously a very special moment for her to be performing at Glastonbury.


Gabrielle performed her classic perfect-for-sing-along songs ‘Power of Love,’ ‘Panic Cord,’ and ‘Please Don’t Say You Love Me.’ And of course, her performance of ‘Home’ was one to remember, dedicated to her home that is Glastonbury.


She closed on her track ‘Miss You,’ a track quite different from the rest of her repertoire. A very upbeat song with a dance-inducing beat, composed with a largely electronic-pop sound rather than her acoustic ballad sound, the song was still a brilliant performance (only made better by her tinsel jacket!), and significantly more "loud" than the recording, Aplin obviously responding to the audience's energy.


It’s rare yet admirable to see such a soft voice captivate such a huge audience, and it’s great to see Gabrielle still rising in the ranks!