Ed Sheeran | Glastonbury 2017


ED SHEERAN – an artist who took over Glastonbury taking to the stage on his own, the only solo artist on that stage the entire weekend. He doesn’t need a band behind him to grab the audience’s attention, but his voice alone does that – the main trait of Ed’s that makes his musicianship so admirable to begin with. 


His set consisted largely of tracks from his recently released ‘Divide,’ opening on pop lead single ‘Castile On The Hill,’ where we had about 100 Ed’s on stage with the craziest graphics. He also performed classic hit ‘Shape Of You,’ which whether you liked to admit or not, you knew the lyrics to, as well as ‘Galway Girl,’ (which for some reason, Ed introduced with “Youmight not like it..” but… why wouldn’t we?!)  


The classic Ed Sheeran concert moments were still present though, getting the entire audience to light their phone cameras for ‘The A Team.’ He also performed his epic 20 minute live version of ‘You Need Me, I Don’t Need You,’ being the first time in 2 years he’s performed it live, he mentioned. What’s an Ed Sheeran gig without the sass though?


‘Nancy Mulligan’ was a brilliant moment of the night – the one song for which he did bring some musicians to accompany him, though. He really brought the irish part of the ‘Divide’ sound out here, with the epic ‘fiddle in an irish band’ (pun fully intended), to back him for that song.


Clearly, his nerves did show through a lot, and he even spoke about how nervous he was feeling, but it felt special to be able to share one of Ed’s most important moments in his career with him, after following him for almost 5 years now. I’ve seen him grow from Koko and Hammersmith Apollo to a Wembley and a Glastonbury headline, which is crazy, but an honour to have been on the journey. 


It was the most feel-good uplifting way to end a beautiful weekend.


Check his epic Glasto performance out here, for nostalgia’s sake, ‘The A-Team’!: