Biffy Clyro | Glastonbury 2017


Biffy Clyro propelled through a huge, epic hour and a half long set as the penultimate act on this year’s Glastonbury’s Pyramid Stage.


The band performed a row of epic songs that were causing moshpits left, right and centre – but the pleasant kind, with the band only sending out positive vibes, even deeming this year’s Glastonbury “one of the happiest places on earth.”


Many songs from their latest ‘Ellipsis’ from 2016 were also performed, but the highlights of their set was their classics. The biggest moment for the crowd was their most famous ‘Mountains,’ a song I’m certain is known to old and new, (and even non) fans. ‘Many Of Horror’ was another one known by most the crowd, a song debatably fitting in to the poppier side of music, providing an anthemic sing along moment at the sunny Sunday evening of the festival.


The confetti that launched out at the end only caused more smiles, this epic rock band delivering one of the most artistically brilliant sets of the festival.


Check out the guys performing the single from "Ellipsis" here: