Kodaline | Glastonbury 2017

Kodaline were one of the last acts on Glastonbury’s Other Stage. Performing in the early evening on the final Sunday night, programmed between two of the biggest bands of 'now,' Rag 'n' Bone Man and HAIM, Kodaline provided a set of nostalgia, for a crowd of dedicated fans who knew each and every word.


The band’s unique line-up was back in action, with their signature emphasis on multi-instrumentalist front man Garrigan on guitar, keys and synths, and of course his ukulele as a prominent feature. The variety of music produced by the guys on stage was mesmerising, providing us with chilled out rock – the best kind of music to hear after 3 days of partying.


Kodaline performed their classic hits ‘The One,’ ‘Love Like This,’ and ‘High Hopes,’ all of which attracted old and new audiences from all sides. A lot of times, frontman let the festival crowd take the lead on the lyrics, often being a case of him gleefully watching his songs be sang back to him – a feeling that must be indescribable for any songwriter.


The band closed on their biggest hit to date ‘All I Want,’ which was met which great cheers and emotional sing-alongs, and we also got to hear some new hits from upcoming releases!


Though experienced performers, the band still had a sense of being overwhelmed, only adding to the calm charm the band display. Not to mention, these guys are particularly special to me as they were the first review I ever wrote in February 2015, and I love them all the same today!


Check the guys out at Glasto here: