Jeremy Corbyn at Glastonbury 2017

JEREMY CORBYN – one of the most anticipated appearances of the Glastonbury weekend.


The Labour PM candidate came on to the Pyramid Stage midpoint of the weekend - Saturday 4pm (Jeremy Corbyn 4 PM – get it?) between a couple of musical acts, and momentarily froze the entire festival, as chants of “Oh Jeremy Corbyn” to Seven Nations Army was the chant of the weekend (people even cheered for Foo Fighters that evening with Corbyn’s chant!)


Corbyn covered pretty much everything you could ever be wanting solved in the world in his 30 min speech, from education to sexism to class, he had it all covered, only encouraging that all community vibe that Glastonbury so brilliantly fosters.


Glastonbury founder Mike Eavis (pictured above) came on stage to introduce Corbyn and chat with him, with Corbyn even thanking the Eavis’ for their efforts on putting this festival together.


Aside from the humungous crowd which took over an hour to break free from, (though also not that bad as this only proves the magnitude of support he has), it was a brilliant moment where time stood still listening to him. The respect and gratitude for Corbyn’s words from the entire 200,000 person festival was only too evident.