HAIM | Glastonbury 2017

There’s never a more exciting time to see HAIM than just a couple of weeks before the release of their new album ‘Something To Tell You,’ and be there the first time they perform a bunch of their new songs in the UK for us, in the sunniest moment Glastonbury had the whole weekend!


Each impressively multi-instrumental in their own ways, the sassy, stylish, inspirational trio opened on their huge single currently taking the world by storm, ‘Want You Back.’ Since this song has been on repeat for me for the last month or so, it was great to finally see the live version of it.


They continued to perform their other hits from the olden days for long-time fans, including ‘If I Could Change Your Mind,’ and ‘The Wire.’ The Wire was a particularly energetic set, with Alana Haim really taking over the stage here.


The chemistry of the three sisters never goes unnoticed, with a true friendship apparent throughout each song and each conversation.


The band closed on new song from upcoming album ‘Right Now,’ which ended in an uplifting, intense, high energy solo drumming part from the three girls together. This extended drum composition was a speciality to their live, and really proved what brilliant musicians they all are.


Check out ‘Right Now’ here, and be sure to keep watching till the end because you HAVE to see the drum solo!