WOWH | Glastonbury 2017


WOWH won Glastonbury’s emerging talent competition and took to the BBC Introducing stage at the festival itself, for a killer performance of their funk hip-hop indie vibe, and turned an unfamiliar crowd in to life long fans!


The core of the duo lead singer Nick and drummer / percussionist Toby Couling, with a few extra band members for the live set, delivered a dazzling set with a few of their best songs. Toby provided a technically and musically advanced accompaniment with synths, drums, and more, making for a perfect mix of live / acoustic and also electronic sounds. Nick had a strong vocal (complete with dance moves too), showcasing a huge range and vocal styles from hip-hop to funk to pop all in one.



One of the most uplifting sets in all the festival, their freshness and charming unphased-by-the-world attitude added a whole tonne more of fun to an already brilliant set.


Check them out at the BBC Introducing stage here!: