Lorde | Glastonbury 2017

Lorde returned to the UK for her Glastonbury debut after her huge return this year with her new hits, as she fills The Other Stage on the Friday evening (for those folks who need a little pop in their life sometimes when the main stage rock bands get overwhelming!)


Lorde didn’t care that this was just a festival spot in the evening, on The Other Stage. She treated this set as her own headline gig, taking over the stage, and letting the audience completely forget everything else going on at the festival that night. And rightly so, because she owned the night!


The biggest production The Other Stage saw all weekend, Lorde brought more than just her self and her voice, but an entourage of dancers, huge production structures, and bright lights, not falling in to the festival trap of scaling yourself back for sake of ease. She went all out and that didn’t go unnoticed.


Starting the set with her latest and greatest hit ‘Green Light,’ the confidence and performance swagger on stage was admirable. Obviously, her singing talent has never been questioned, and rightly so. A unique, husky yet bold voice is so distinctly and unapologetically Lorde, it’s one of the most enjoyable things to sing along with.


As well as singing other tracks from new album Melodrama which are yet to hit the charts, she also performed the song that shot her in to fame ‘Royals,’ leading us all in to a moment of nostalgia.


It’s great to see her taking over the world through her music step by step, and being undoubtedly herself on stage. Being in a new country at the world’s greatest festival is something many musicians might find intimidating, but Lorde dove in to head first and came out standing high on both feet to be one of the favourites of the festival!

Check out the epic performance of Green Light here, thanks to the UK’s legends BBC Music!