Liam Gallagher | Glastonbury 2017

Liam Gallagher creates an excitement the entire weekend for his highly anticipated Other Stage performance early Saturday evening, as the field overflows to hear some classic tunes, from both Oasis’ repertoire and his own.


He let the audience sing ‘Don’t Look Back in Anger’ largely on their own – no accompaniment, and Gallagher himself only singing the verses. Though slightly sad we didn’t get to hear the song in full band swing, it was also a moment of unity for the Glastonbury audience, and also interesting everyone knew the words so well!


Though with an absence of ultimate classics like ‘Wonderwall,’ it still didn’t’ feel like anything was missing. The setlist comprised largely of new songs from his upcoming to be released album, which weren’t therefore always providing a sing along opportunity, but it was great to see a special preview of what was to come, and see Liam still in full action (still with his signature tambourine in hand) – just a couple of weeks after his iconic performance at We Love Manchester too, and paid tribute to the victims at Glastonbury too.


Check out Liam’s (or the audience’s) performance of Don’t Look Back In Anger: