Foo Fighters | Glastonbury 2017


Foo Fighters headline the second night of Glastonbury. All limbs in tact this time, they gave us a killer performance after their cancelled headline from 2015 after Dave Grohl’s broken leg.


Frontman Dave Grohl opened solo on ‘Times Like These,’ in tribute to Florence who sang the song in her Glastonbury 2015 headline, and from there launching in to full band mode and giving us the classic Foo set!  Grohl’s personality and sense of humour was a huge highlight of the set, really connecting with the audience and showing genuine gratitude and humbleness to be taking the Glastonbury stage.


The band did their classic hits – The Pretender, These Days, Best of You, amongst many more, as well as new song of off their upcoming album ‘Run,’ the first time many people in the audience saw that live.


Taylor Hawkins, the band’s drummer, was a surprising star of the show along with Grohl. Seeing upclose and personal not only what a talented drummer he is, but stellar singer. A special moment of the night was when Hawkins and Grohl switched places, Grohl accompanying Hawkins on the drums as he flawlessly covered Queens’ ‘Under Pressure,’  after doing a small showcase of ‘Another One Bites The Dust’ earlier in the night.


The band wouldn’t stop, with encore after encore (genuine, unplanned encores), they extended their set by half an hour taking us all the way to midnight, ending with a booming, beautiful fireworks display, and that too only stopping because they had to… otherwise, Grohl was willing to go for “10 more songs” as the audience chanted!


It was a special night to see Foo live at the best festival in the world! Check out their performance of new single ‘Run’ here: