Royal Blood | Glastonbury 2017

Royal Blood perform at Pyramid Main Stage on the first night of Glastonbury 2017…whilst celebrating their album going to No.1 at the very same moment breaking out the champagne on stage!


Not being too familiar myself with their music prior to Glastonbury, I was instantly drawn in. To capture an audience which may not necessarily know you, is a comment on their brilliance.  


An energising performance and an impressively huge sound from just two people forming the band, Royal Blood definitely showed what it meant to be a high quality rock band in today’s music industry.


The advanced musicality and technicality that the band convey is not one to be missed, as they created this huge, authentic rock sound on stage without even a guitarist present, yet it didn’t feel empty at all. Mike’s bass serves the sound of both an electric guitar and the bass, providing us with crazy fascinating riffs and solos throughout, and simultaneous bold vocals, whilst drummer Ben completes the rest of the sound playing both drums and keys.


It’s safe to say Royal Blood acquired a tonne of new bands that night, and it was special to be able to share the moment they found out their album was UK No. 1 with them on stage.


Check them out here!: