George Ezra | Glastonbury 2017

George Ezra started Friday evening at Glastonbury with an iconic set, featuring his band too, of his classic hits for a crowd who have missed him oh so much!


Obviously overwhelmed by the experience of the colossal crowd at The Other Stage, this didn’t compromise his performance and merely added to the charm that he already possesses.


Making his first mainstream appearance after much too long, the much missed Ezra performed his classics ‘Budapest,’ ‘Listen To The Man,’ and ‘Blame It On Me,’ amongst others, with his booming voice taking over the festival. We also got to hear some bonus stories behind ‘Barcelona,’ where he explained his trip to Barcelona came from a need to run away momentarily, and he stayed in a random room he found online, yet met the most creative people, and rediscovered his inspiration.


We even had an appearance from his Dad on stage, and it really felt like we saw a raw George in front of us, and that’s always the most heartwarming live performances!


The band behind him really added another spectacular element to his songs, making for one of the liveliest sets he must have ever done.


 Check our boy Ezra out at Glasto here!: