Glass Animals | Glastonbury 2017

Glass Animals brought an eccentric performance to The Other Stage (which is pretty much as big as the main stage, but slightly cooler acts).


Hype for Glass Animals was high, after they had performed a surprise set at the small BBC Introducing tent earlier, warming both themselves and the crowd up. The Other Stage saw an intense performance from frontman Dave Bayley, where the emotions in his songs were conveyed strong as ever through his facial expressions. The energy on stage was one of the highest from all the band over the weekend.


Bright visuals that the eye couldn’t miss from miles away, the band’s classic motif of the Pineapple took over the crowd, with a massive gold pineapple taking centre stage, numerous inflatable pineapples making their way through the crowd, and where most bands throw their drumsticks or guitar picks in to the crowd, Bayley thought his fans may appreciate getting a real pineapple thrown at them more. Their unique personalities strongly shining through though is one of the most magical things about the band’s live sets though.


The band performed their usual hits, largely from last summer’s album ‘How To Be A Human Being,’ including big one ‘Season 2 Episode 3,’ and ending on ‘Pork Soda.’


Check out their performance of ‘Life Itself’ here, brought to you by BBC Music!: