BBC Introducing: CASI, Jerry Williams, Low Island

BBC Introducing brought three artists at the start of their music career to The Lexington for their June showcase.


CASI opened the night, and is the artist we were anticipating the most! First catching her at SXSW Austin Texas at a BBC Introducing night across the Atlantic, CASI didn’t fail to impress the second time round either. She performed her huge online releases ‘Lion’ and ‘The Beat,’ and ‘Why Did We Let This Happen?’ being my favourite. and she performed. She also performed brand new track ‘Homesick,’ and it was great to see an even bigger repertoire. CASI has a distinct vocal technique, a really crystal clear, high, twinkling voice. A great performer with just a couple of band members behind her creating a vast range of electronic beats, she takes electronic pop to a new dimension.


Jerry Williams continued the night, and we were so glad to have stumbled upon her. Her personality was clearly visible through her stage performance, which made for a really all-rounded set as she let us into her personal life, rather than drowning us with hidden meanings as many songs often do. Her track ‘David at The Bar’ was a prime example of this, as she wrote an entire song about a man who told her his sad life story on a random night out, that too performed acoustically, proving how that song is 100% her. Another special moment of the night was her song ‘Game Show,’ a track about losing a close family member. She also performed her track ‘I’m Not In Love With You,’ which was the BBC Track of the Week. She also performed a funky cover of Jamie T’s ‘If You Got The Money,’ which was smoothly done!


Low Island followed to finish the night. Extremely different to the preceding bands, Low Island were a heavy electronic four-piece group, creating their music with all sorts of sounds and equipment, with haunting vocals coming through. I’d say the vocals were merely used as an instrument here, rather than the focus being on the lyrics themselves, but all merged in to one. It was intriguing and highly innovative.


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