EP REVIEW: The Limited 'Money'

The Limited are a the five-piece band who is headlining our Concentus Music Summer Live night on Monday, as they released their new EP ‘Money’ this week!


 The bright-pop band begin this four track with ‘It’s Alright,’ my favourite on the EP. The first track of four, this song has an intense bass line in the verses, and the vocals are the clearest here. An authentic, un-edited sound which I love, it’s pop but quite funky. It has quite an uncomfortable yet fitting composition, jumping from synths to stripped down bass and vocals, and the occasional ‘Woo’ ending the chorus. And with this interesting composition, you can’t help but listen from start to finish to see where this intriguing track will go.


Though no track is called ‘Money,’ I imagine the name came from track ‘Coffee,’ where the band repeat lyrics ‘Money didn’t pay for that,’ a song also showing their funky side of pop, the synth keys playing a huge part in this track. Whereas the other songs sound quite live instrument heavy, the use of electronic instruments really sticks out most in this song, showing the breadth of music ability in the band.


‘You Got Me’ is a track with lyrics you can’t miss, ‘You’re a saint, I’m a sinner, You’re the God given winner.’ This song has a more anthemic vibe to it, with a summery vibe to it. Synths and backing vocals making this song a sound resembling The 1975, it still has that the band’s unique sound to it.


‘Like You’ has a more laid-back chilled out vibe to it, as the verses and choruses smoothly merge into one another. It’s not usual to find a London band with this kind of band, actually resembling more a California vibe with its instrumentation and bright production.


Each song is different to the other, showing how this band has anything but lazy composition. It’s nice to see a non-generic pop band on the rise, but instead a pop band that respects musical creativity, yet staying faithful to the ‘pop’ sound without hiding behind the ‘indie’ label.


See them headline at The Social on Monday performing at our TENTH night in London! Tickets here: https://www.concentusmusic.com/tickets


Listen to the new EP 'Money' here: open.spotify.com/album/3ylG4Ch5obBRCurm6Rgjnn