REVIEW: Wavves | 'You're Welcome' Tour, Chicago



Wavves took the stage at Chicago’s Bottom Lounge earlier this week with a never-before-seen bout of energy. A group that dub themselves ‘Pop’ yet undoubtedly carry a heavy rock element to their music, the LA-based band played to a crowd of moshing and exuberant fans, adding liveliness into what was otherwise a normal Tuesday night in Chicago.


Wavves kicked off their set with “Way Too Much,” a hit from their album V. As soon as the song’s signature rattling guitar riff announced its beginning, the previously stationary crowd erupted in movement. The massive mosh pit that would exist throughout the night took formation, and concertgoers ran back from the bathroom and bar to catch the beloved track. This is perhaps one of Wavves’ most unique abilities as artists: their music incites an instant pandemonium.


A highlight of the set was “A Million Enemies,” a track from the band’s most recent album You’re Welcome. The song emulates an unapologetic harsh essence, and this rawness of Wavves’ words is one of their most endearing qualities. The chorus, which is largely a repetition of the line “I’ve got enemies/a million enemies” clearly encapsulates frontman Nathan Williams’ devil-may-care reckless attitude, as he sang the lines with a sly smirk and abandon.


“You’re Welcome,” the title track of their latest album, served as a prime example of the strength that simplicity and repetition can serve within a musical work. Its rhythmically intoxicating and lyrically repetitious nature serve as strong sonic variables that make the track intriguing to the ear.


Wavves concluded their set with a four-song encore, ending with “Green Eyes,” a track that has become a typical closer for the band. The track is simultaneously dreamy and acidic, encompassing every principle sonic aspect of Wavves’ work that makes them artistically distinguishable and adored.


Along with the high quality music they provided their hundreds of fans, the band was vocal about its priority to ensure that the venues they play in is an environment that allows the audience to be carefree and positive, protecting the crowd surfing bunch from the security – a very interesting element to the night, and making the band an all-rounded appealing group of guys!