ALBUM REVIEW: Joe Innes & The Calvacade


Joe Innes and the Calvacade release their new album this month, with lead single ‘Little Rabbit’ being at the forefront of the emerging artist scene.


The band brings back the concept of the ‘album’ – a concept lost in time with the rise of streaming and singles and a concept I crave returns, and Joe Innes and the Calvacade take onr brave step towards this. The theme of all songs on their album ‘Domestic Foreign Policy’ is what it says on the tin – a criticism of the current political climate, a feeling I’m sure mutual between all musicians and music lovers. However, despite the political undertones, the album is not an aggressive expression of opinion as fact, yet a collection of songs more led by emotion.


Song ‘Moscow’ from the album continues this theme, though in the context of a song about relationships and himself. This innovative way of simultaneously expression himself and politics is one to be praised, and Innes proves it doesn’t have to be one or the others, showing how people and politics are actually one and the same.


This perspective on their music is intensified by the strong instrumental skills the band show, with the guitar solo really solidifying where the bands roots are, and the kind of direction they want to take, in this purely live instrumentation they have and raw, raspy voice of lead singer Joe Innes.


Lead single ‘Little Rabbit’ is reminiscent of 80s indie-pop, the raging guitar solo and consistent trumpet making the sound comparable to the likes of Madness. It’s great to see a band go back to the roots of band guitar music, away from a reliance on synths and bright guitars to make themselves competitive in today’s music scene. You can be confident that the band takes risks in their composition and don’t fear being themselves.


Check out the band’s new single ‘Little Rabbit’ here: