REVIEW: James Hersey, London Headline


James Hersey came to London for a sold out show at Camden Assembly, co-ordinating the headline with this new release ‘Pages,’ released just 10 days before.


 Just having seen him at SXSW in Austin just 2 months prior, in those two months alone I can see Hersey much more in his zone, perhaps because it was his own headline show too.


Songs performed include ‘Running Out’, ‘How Hard I Try’, ‘Juliet’ – a song with some of his most heartfelt lyrics – and his huge hit ‘Coming Over’ from the new EP. As well as showing us tracks from ‘Pages,’ he also played older tunes for his long-term fans, including ‘If You Love Me,’ – a song though entitled like a ballad is a fairly funky, energetic tune, from his first EP ‘12.’


Hersey’s band enhance his already musically advanced performance. His drummer is particularly special, with a number of drum solo’s throughout the set captivating the audience. Hersey himself plays the guitar – acoustic and electric – whilst performing, and even performed acoustic and unplugged at one point too, letting his fans see his raw vocals and musical talent.


He closed on his latest hit ‘Miss You,’ the song which really propelled him in to the mainstream and found him international recognition at the end of last year. ‘Miss You’ showcases best Hersey’s unique sound of almost-but-not-quite pop, with funky guitar strumming, and a chilled out accompaniment highlighting his raspy vocals and lyrics.


It’s great to see him capture audiences on both sides of the world and everywhere in between, and being lucky enough to have a sneak peak of some upcoming songs at Camden Assembly, we can’t wait to see what’s next after ‘Pages.’