SXSW '17: Born Cages | No. 9

Photos: © Copyright Concentus Music 2017

Photos: © Copyright Concentus Music 2017

New York City band Born Cages are next on our list, entering out top 10 SXSW artists at no.9!


Showing us tunes from their new album ‘Exit Signs In a Burning Building,’ (I tried to be artsy and get the venue's EXIT sign in the picture behind them..) the title itself can show you just how “alternative” this band are. ‘Half Asleep’ is the lead single of the band which we were lucky enough to hear, which has everything you need from an emerging band: soulful lyrics, ambient vocals, synths merged with a live band, all coming from three multi-instrumentalists.


The band played older songs as well, my favourite being “Rolling Down The Hill.” This one had a very “pop” vibe to it, bright summery riffs and repetitive melodies, but had an rockier class to it, and of course the signature synths were particularly prominent here, being a key element to their sound way back then too.


Photos: © Copyright Concentus Music 2017

Photos: © Copyright Concentus Music 2017

The trio bringing a new perspective on to pop music, giving synths a really important place in the music. Born Cages haven’t changed their sound between the hits 3 years ago to now, keeping a consistency yet manage to continue to create new, innovative sounds.


The band really know how to jam-out with their audiences, and even on the darker topic songs, the audience are always having a good time with this general feel-good yet high quality music.


I have to admit that American music does a good job of presenting meaningful music in major keys – something with British bands for some reason struggle with. It’s strange, but true!


The guys also just had a packed out show at NYC’s new venue ‘Berlin,’ and we hope to catch up with the guys for an interview in the near future, so keep checking for that, and in the meanwhile be sure to check out the new album from these guys now!