SXSW '17: CASI | No. 4

Photos: © Copyright Concentus Music 2017

Photos: © Copyright Concentus Music 2017

Casi is no. 4 on our countdown of our top SXSW artists!


An artist at the very beginning on her career, yet an artistry so defined, Casi was gave us some of the most beautiful performances of the week. Introduced on stage by one of the most influential tastemakers, BBC Radio 1's Huw Stephens, Casi came to the British Music Embassy for BBC Introducing's night at SXSW.


Her favourite songs of mine being ‘The Beast’ and ‘Lion,’ both songs carrying a rhythm in her melodies that have been unused in the past. Both made from very memorable top lines, it looked to me Casi as well was most in her element with these.


Photos: © Copyright Concentus Music 2017

Photos: © Copyright Concentus Music 2017

It’s really hard to pinpoint the detail, but Casi carries something vastly unique in her. There must be a slight Welsh influence in her music too, which gives her that slightly different twang to her sound from the typical born and raised Londoner.


Though fitting in to the new wave of electronic pop that is taking over the music industry right now, Casi takes this popular trend and turns it in to something which is on a whole new level. Her voice suits the genre more than any I’ve seen, and it’s just such a natural combination of instrumentation and vocals.


Casi’s vocals are what really makes her soar far and above the rest. There’s a boldness and a rawness in them, only conveying fearlessness and confidence in her luscious vocals, yet never losing the innocence and joy which partly makes her so appealing.


I can’t wait to see what Casi comes out with next!