SXSW '17: Elle Exxe | No. 5

Photos: © Copyright Concentus Music 2017

Photos: © Copyright Concentus Music 2017

We enter our top 5 SXSW artists with Edinburgh artist Elle Exxe, who made her way over the Atlantic to perform a number of shows at this year’s SXSW!


Catching her at her last performance of the week at The Towsend, it was great to see the crowd she had accumulated, a number of the audience being fans who saw her for the first time earlier on in the week.


Photos: © Copyright Concentus Music 2017

Photos: © Copyright Concentus Music 2017

As we caught Elle Exxe at NYC’s showcase festival Mondo last September, it was great to seehow her artistry has grown in the last few months, showcasing a whole range of new songs too.


Elle performed some of her classic hits, her biggest being “Lost in L.A” – a grungey, bold song full of distortion, outlining her journey in, well, LA. Aside from the composition of the song being so creative, this was an exciting one to watch as she must’ve jumped more than I’ve really seen any artist ever do in one song, and kicked her legs up higher than I thought possible.


‘Catapult’ was my favourite song of the night, and it was a brand new one too. The chorus of the song really stood out for me, her performance of the lines “You love the way I am,” sang with such desperation and emotion, perfectly conveying the feelings of the song. We also got to hear “Sick,” a song off her upcoming album, so it was exciting to get a preview of what is to come!


She also did a cover of Jack Garratt’s ‘Worry,’ but with a hugely theatrical take on it, sitting at the front of the stage with a small keyboard on her lap, giving us some of the most interest facial expressions I’ve seen. Being at the front of the audience, I got to see her whole persona, from facial features to dance moves, in detail, and it definitely enhances her performance!


Elle’s performances are very theatrical, which is what makes her one of the best performers I saw in the whole week. She had a monochrome colour scheme on stage, yet vibrant as ever. Even her band was dressed in outland-ish make up, and she interacted with both her band and the audience to such a huge extent, demonstrating a hugely bold, authentic confidence which makes any artist effortlessly take over a room as she did, and stay in everyone’s mind!


Her performance was just so exciting I struggled to pick just one picture, so, as well as the above, the slideshow shows a bunch more.. this is really the only way you'll understand the visual genius that is Elle Exxe!