SXSW '17: Foxtrax | No. 6

Photos: © Copyright Concentus Music 2017

Photos: © Copyright Concentus Music 2017

Los Angeles rockers Foxtrax enter at No. 6 in our top SXSW artists! A highly anticipated band in the festival after their exciting announcement of their support tour with Barns Courtney, it was great to see these guys in an intimate setting whilst we had the chance!


A trio made of multi-instrumentalists – ie. creating a huge sound on stage from so few people which is always a mesmerising concept to me – these guys really showcased themselves on numerous spots over the week, including a showcase with StubHub.


The band performed their huge hit ‘Underwater,’ the EP for which we featured on our blog way back in August, so it was crazy to see them live 7 months later and wish so much more music!


Photos: © Copyright Concentus Music 2017

Photos: © Copyright Concentus Music 2017

For an emerging band to present high quality rock music can be somewhat of a challenge today, particularly amongst the huge flood of electronic music which is seemingly taking over the scene right now. But these guys take you back to the roots of rock music, with a simple guitar, bass, drums, keys and vocal structure, yet they really add a lot of unique intonation to it. Not only in their music of such high quality, but even their stage performance. Nothing can describe the fascination with which I watched frontman Ben dance along to the tunes of his band whilst performing.


The band starts you off with a slow, easy intro with Ben just playing on the piano and singing, however for the second song, he’ll put on his electric guitar and before you know it all of them will be rocking out for the next half hour. The band are really full of the Cali vibes that they picked up in LA, full of summery guitar riffs and bright vocals singing some deeply emotive lyrics, but not losing their rock authenticity!


It was particularly impressive in a venue like Esther Follies which is traditionally a theatre, but everyone got out of their seats for the first time that night with Foxtrax’s set and came to the front of the stage to dance with the guys. Just shows you can’t help but love them live!


We’ve got an interview with the guys featured in our SXSW Radio special to come out soon, so listen out for that to hear the process behind these guys’ sound!