New Artist of the Week | Little Cub


Little Cub are a trio, jumping on the new wave of electronic pop, but instead of the club vibe that tends to come with electronic music, they’re writing heartfelt singer-songwriter style songs. The great thing about Little Cub is their tracks would work in any setting really. 


‘Loveless’ is their biggest so far. The song has an EP featuring the original plus three different remixes of the song, each with different musicality giving the song mew meaning each time. The ‘Night Foraging Edit’ is a rather hedonistic, euphoric, hypnotising mix, full of ambience. ‘Wake Up Jack edit’ is then much more upbeat, adrenaline pumped, with distorted vocals, and finally ‘Sounds From the South East’ edit are much more creatively electronic, the focus being largely on the sound than the lyrics.


New song ‘Too Much Love’ was just released last week, (only one version of this so far). I love this song because it’s very conversational and poetic, as if the singer is just talking straight to the listener, which is a really engaging, curious form of lyricism. The lyrics are very noticeable and easy to listen to for that reason, making the song relatable.


I’m excited for what Little Cub have coming out, with their poetic, musically electronic vibe! Listen to EP Loveless HERE: