SXSW '17: Residente @ YouTube | No.25


We're counting down the top 25 artists we saw at this year's SXSW! And who better to start with than the liveliest, most colourful performance of the week - Latin America's finest, Residente.

Residente is a Puerto Rican rapper, but he doesn’t give us your classic hip-hop. He puts a huge element of electronic dance music with his socially aware lyrics, and he's got the most groovin’ dance vibes a hip-hop artist I’ve ever seen.


For a 6pm show at SXSW’s YouTube’s commercial venue in what is otherwise an independent venue and tastemaker focused festival, he definitely brought some heart and life in to the venue.


Puerto Rican, Latin America rap is obviously something very new to the western audience, particularly in USA where hip-hop tends to have a heavy, serious undertones with it's political messages in recent days. But Residente’s music was all about life, relatable to everyone in the room, with messages and morals along the lines of… “if you don’t like your job, quit.” 


And though it’s safe to say most of the audience did not know how to speak the Spanish with which Residente was performing, it didn’t stop the jam packed venue partying along. It felt like an Ibiza nightclub – just... in the afternoon.... in YouTube.


His set was more than just a string of performances, but it was incredibly insightful and enlightening. Bringing his entire culture’s history to the stage in 30 minutes, this electronic – live instrument combo set didn’t fail to impress what was a largely new audience.


Residente also had a film showcasing at SXSW’s film portion of the festival, again focusing on Puetro Rico’s social and history and current political climate, enhancing Residente’s search for social justice through his lively, party music.


An artist know’s what they’re doing when they combine club music with social awareness, that’s definitely a skill!


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