EP REVIEW: The Only Ocean, 'TOO'


The Only Ocean are a California rock band, encompassing a range of sub-genres in their music, touching on psychedelic and punk too.


Lead single ‘Cul-De-Sac- doesn’t mess you around. With no intro, the song just goes straight into the chorus with their ambient vocals, bright guitar riffs and catchy melody. The entire composition of the song is rather interesting, quieting down after the intro sliding in to what are really short verses, and then the song ending without any sort of outro either. It’s new, it’s intensely emotive, and it’s to the point.


There’s definitely strong elements of psychedelia, particularly in this song, most notably in the bridge which has a call-and response style, lyrics repeated but with different intensity, jumping from a whisper to exclamatory angst.


Their three-track EP ‘TOO’ reflects the kind of artist the guys want be, the kind of direction they want to go and message they want to convey.


Each song gets slightly calmer in the EP – first song ‘Still At Home’ is very heavy rock, drowned in distorted electric guitar riffs and in-your-face vocals, continuing to the aforementioned ‘Cul-De-Sac’ which features more emotional lyrics, and EP ending in ‘So Shy So High’ which is more a indie-rock-pop kind of song: summery, relaxed, and their California vibes coming out.


They’re definitely worth checking out, it’s rare to see an emerging, unsigned band have the guts to take such compositional risks.


Listen to Cul-Se-Sac HERE: