REVIEW: Bear's Den | NYC


Bear’s Den come over to NYC during their world tour, at the acclaimed Bowery Ballroom! It’s as grand as it sounds, Downtown Manhattan filled with music, it was great to see British bands bring their music over to NYC.


Bear’s Den were one of the fastest rising bands in the new wave of indie rock music. These guys are special though, as the six of them on stage making the music are all multi-instrumentalists, playing and really promoting the element of community they aim to create through their music.


The Bowery Ballroom adorned with some of the most beautiful melodies I’ve heard in a long time. The band performed acoustically numerous times throughout the night, with an audience quietly, intently and respectfully watching them in silence to hear the music and the voices in their purest form. The band took this one step further and actually came in to the audience to perform song ‘Gabriel’ acoustically, the Bowery crowd surrounding them in a circle.


Though, of course, the full band plugged in songs were equally special. The two songs which were evidently the most striking for the audience was the expected ‘Above the Clouds of Pompeii,’ and ‘Elysium’ – both with incredibly moving story lines and videos which were probably all replaying in the crowd’s head. ‘Above The Cloud of Pompeii’ also featured a beautiful trumpet part, played by none other than the drummer! This was definitely a surprise, and it was so great to see such talent on stage. How many people do you know play both instruments?!


The band had an encore which consisted of four songs – one of the longest one’s I’ve ever seen, with an audience only wanting more at the end. They band closed on song ‘Agape,’ – a song of the band’s which dates back to the very start of their career, and what’s best is that the room was full of the fans who knew both old and new.


Gill Landry opened the night for the band. A Nashville homie hand-picked by the band to tour with them, with a really strong story-telling element to his music, with song topics ranging from his month in Scandinavia to more general personal anecdotes, including song 'Just Like You' which was my favourite of his! It's cool to see a single person on stage captivate an entire audience, that too in the big ol' NYC.


It was overall a really special night, primarily because it’s rare for a band to be able to make such a large audience feel such strong emotions, and that too with brilliant music!